12 Days of Brilliant Holiday Marketing Campaigns – DAY 7

Sonos + Spotify: #PlaylistPotluck

The holiday season means lots of events. And with events usually comes music. So Spotify created #PlaylistPotluck. It began with a partnership with Sonos when the brands got together to turn playlists into something like a potluck, in which everyone contributes something to bring to the event – in this case a tune or two to a collaborative playlist. Guests RSVP to the event by adding songs to a collaborative playlist.

And the cherry on top?

The brands partnered with the PBS series Mind of a Chef for a televised holiday special, in which various celebrity chefs use the feature for their own gatherings – and if you participate, you're entered for a chance to win your very own dinner party hosted by a world-renowned chef. Bon appetit.

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