Life in Adventures

Modern world that loses family and career values has to offer something new to alive souls. And it offers: for some people adventures become main sense of life. Today we talk about absolutely special audience – travelers – on personal example of blogger Paul Passport-Diary from Berlin.

There are not many such old and inspiring professions as traveler. Skeptics will say, “Well, of course, what could be better, but who would pay for these trips.” However, digital era protects this need: many of travelers are bloggers and they have an opportunity to earn on it.

Let’s get acquainted with these guys (and this category of consumers at the same time) a little closer on more than bright example.

As reality shows, more than others young people in Europe have a thirst for long and free of modern standards travels (we are not talking about tourism here). They are educated, have work experience and feel need in unpredictability that not many European countries can satisfy. Travel around the world, crossing the continent from west to east, hiking and biking trips for several hundreds days, extreme sports, conflict zones, hitchhiking – there are no borders in escape from routine. Thanks to Internet and them, people can see the world that has nothing in common with life from holiday to holiday.


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